Redundancy through Geo-Diversity

In order to maintain the highest level of redundancy and uptime, we purchase internet transit from three different providers in three different cities, and we operate our own fiber ring between those cities. This fiber ring, spanning over 2000 kilometers, when combined with our MX series Juniper Routers, allows us to guarantee 100% uptime. The network is engineered to provides High Availability against large scale disasters such as floods or storms, and ensures that our clients will remain unimpacted by simultaneous outages from up to two of our three upstream providers.

ZEROFAIL Locations

Montreal Canada


3000 Rene-Levesque, Montreal.
Transit IPv4 (Inteliq.):
Transit IPv6 (Inteliq.): 2001:668:0:3::8000:1712
QIX IPv6: 2001:510:0:2bad::30

This datacenter is located on Nun's Island, an 8 minute drive away from the downtown core. Supported by two distinct generator/UPS sets, as well as fiber entry points on different sides of the building, this datacenter was originally built for one of the large Canadian banks.

Toronto Canada


151 Front St., Toronto.
Transit IPv4 (Cogent):
TORIX IPv6: 2001:0504:001a::34:200

This datacenter is the hub for all telecommunications in Eastern Canada, and is a primary interconnect point for all carriers. This building provides us with colocation space, internet transit, as well as a connection to the Toronto Internet Exchange (TORIX) which allows us to peer with a multitude of other providers.

New York United States


60 Hudson, New York City.
Transit IPv4 (Hurricane):
Transit IPv6 (Hurricane): 2001:470:1:249::2

This datacenter is located in the heart of New York City. It is a Carrier Hotel, and is a major meeting point for carriers in the Eastern United-States. ZEROFAIL maintains colocation space and purchases internet transit from this location. We also interconnect with a number of local providers through Network to Network Interfaces (NNI).

ZEROFAIL Guarantee

  • 100% Uptime
  • 10+ Gbps capacity
  • 24x7x365 Support
  • Enterprise Datacenters
  • Carrier Class Network
Additional Information
Customer Review

“Not only did ZEROFAIL deliver the utmost reliable service, they have helped us reduce our operating expenses, as well as establish our e-commerce activities ( In this regards, ZEROFAIL has been a blessing: one phone call, one explanation, and they take care of everything.”

Martin Cote, Vice-President, Cineposters

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